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Favourite Shorts 2010

Hoskins Theatre, The Armidale School - March 2010

Produced by Diana Helmrich

Week 1

Act I

How Many L's in Dardanelles? by Paul Sherman (Director: Ben Davies)

Murdoch: Waine Grafton
Dawson: Alan Wilkinson

Morally Bankrupt by Emma Gibson (Director: Mark Bourne)

Kylie: Sarah Watson
Rob: Matt Tremayne

Waiting for Something to Happen by Ken Fraser (Director: Emily Thomas-Moore)

Steve: Sam Payne
Julie: Irene Lemon
Phil: Jim Harrop

Act II

The Job Review by Bruce Ryan & Jan Hall (Director: Warren Bartik)

Peter: Joshua Osborne
Sal: Lisa Quast

The Mistress by Ron Jones (Director: David Trestrail)

Peter: Saul Cafarella
Stuart: Bob Thompson
Sally: Sarah Broadbent

Status Update by Mark Konik (Director: Peter O'Donohue)

Kevin: Ryan Hanrahan
Meg: Irene Lemon

A Borderline Case by Ron Jones (Director: Warren Bartik)

Robert: Alan Wilkinson
Archie: David Trestrail
Medics: Lisa Quast, Joshua Osborne

Week 2

Act I

Every Picture Tells a Story by Bette Guy (Director: Benjamin Thorn)

Annabelle: Krystina Micke
Becky: Margaret Sims

Love and Lycra by Carolyn Stuart (Director: Lisa Ward)

Prue: Barbara Colledge
Fran: Sarah Watson
Jessica: Britt Sisson
Delia: Angela Clarke Ashes by Kate Conyngham (Director: Jean Freer)
Olivia: Jan Wyles

Act II

The Emperor's New Clothes by Bob Thompson (Director: Barbara Albury)

Narrator: Gordon Cope
Weavers: Rebbeca Rankin, Tom Boyes
Emperor: Garry Slocombe
Girl: Amy Roff
Boy: Reuben Mellor
Town Cryer / Ambassador: Jarod Hartung
Townspeople / Pages: Jenny Roff, Sarita Perston
Musicians: Mark Rummery (Musical director, guitar), Benjamin Thorn (Recorder), Chris Cunningham (Violin), Erin Rummery (Cello), Morgan Broadbent-Wicks (Percussion)

Sensitivity by Kathryn Goldie (Director: Julie Collins)

Bea: Jessica Russell-Davies
Edna: Barbara Colledge

Waiting for the Light by Beryl Ayers (Director: Ben Davies)

Barry: Ben Sutton
Len: Benji Smith
Sarah: Maudie Beissel
Nurse: Kaitlyn Smith
Doctor: Ben Davies

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