The Armidale Playhouse
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The Armidale Playhouse was established in 1953 as the Armidale Theatre Club with its first performance in the Armidale Town Hall. Its first 'home' was purchased in 1965 and was gradually transformed from an old schoolroom into a theatre then named as The Armidale Playhouse in 1968. The following year saw its first public performance. The addition of a dressing room, kitchen and improvements to front of house occurred in 1976. The Armidale Theatre Club was incorporated in 1986 and became The Armidale Playhouse. Eleven years later saw the lighting and ticketing areas relocated. The Armidale Playhouse is currently used for meetings, workshops and rehearsals.

The Armidale Playhouse "is an ideal area for talented amateurs, young and old, but also for aspiring young people, acting for enjoyment, education, to gain confidence or as an entry to a professional career. It is a resource, also, for stage crew, for learning or teaching the basics of lighting and sound, stage and wardrobe design and building skills, writing, directing, advertising and front-of-house, money handling and supper making - experiences for life, not only for the theatre". [Never Whistle in the Dressing Room: A History of the Armidale Playhouse. Judith Lamb. Kardoorair Press Ltd, Armidale. Page 238.]

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