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Oedipus Rex

Directed by Lenore Crocker

Armidale Demonstration School Hall - 1967

By Sophocles with translation by Fitts and Fitzgerald


Before the Royal Palace of Thebs


Oedipus: Ron Clayton
Priest: Alan Hall
Creon: John Burr
Teiresias: Maurice Kelly
Jocasta: Miriam Rogers
Corinthian Messenger: John Ryman
Shepherd: Arch Taylor
Theban Messenger: Robert Hardy
Ismene: Debby Christenson
Antigone: Judy Christenson
Boy: Brian Cork
Choragos: Peter Muir

Chorus: Aline Christenson, Isobel Dupre, Carol Lockyer, Alison Stewart, Joan Plumley, Joan Praed, Cheryl Tilly, Anne-Marie Wissink


Director: Lenore Crocker
Chorus Mistress: Judy Morseley
Choreography: Joan Plumley
Set Design: Chris Bettle
Costumes: Isobel Dupre
Music: Evan Lewis
Stage Manager: Hal Heatwole
House Manager: Doug Hewitt
Lighting: Harry Wadleigh
Assistant Producer: Mary Quinn
Publicity: Milton Milligan
Make-Up: Patsy Lindsay
Properties: Viva Baldwin

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