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Directed by Paul Lamb

Armidale Playhouse - 1975

By Sophocles. English version by E F Watling.


Before the royal palace of Thebes in Boeotia.


When Sophocles began work on Antigone in about 442 BC he was drawing on sources already shrouded in antiquity, already existing in more than one version. From a narrative point of view Antigone was the last of the great poet’s three Theban plays, although it was composed many years before the others, King Oedipus and Oedipus at Colonus.

After the abdication of Oedipus and his eventual departure from Thebes (preparatory to his passing from mortal sight at Colonus), Creon became King. The sons of Oedipus, Eteocles and Polyneices, did nothing to ease their father’s sufferings, rather, even before his departure, they conspired individually to oust Creon and usurp the throne. Eteocles gained greater popular support and Polyneices fled to Argos, where he married the daughter of King Adastrus and later recruited seven champions to lead an Argive attack on seven-gated Thebes. In the battle that followed, the invaders were routed and the brothers fell, each at the other’s hand. For the third time Creon, whose sister had been Jocasta, mother and wife of Oedipus, assumed power. The accursed house of Labdacus, grandfather of Oedipus and grandson of that Cadmus who sowed the dragon’s teeth and founded Thebes, was now represented only be Anitgone and her sister Ismene.


Antigone, daughter of King Oedipus: Judith Morsley
Ismene, her sister: Kerry James
Chorus: Lynette Downie, Judy Browne, Aline Christenson, Dinah Kennedy, Jackie Ellis, Judith Kennedy, Paul Lamb
A Soldier, attendant on Creon: Richard Morsley
Creon, King of Thebes: David Rummery
Sentry: Bill Driscoll

Haemon, Son of Creon: Philip Coggon
Guard: Tom Crocker

Teiresias: Robert Kennedy
Guide: Kate Morsley
Messenger: John Burr
Attendant: Judy Christenson
Eurydice, Queen of Thebes: Joan Praed


Design: Lenore Crocker
Stage Management: George Wray
Wardrobe: Enid Isaacs

Lighting: Harry Wadleigh, Wal Rummery
Make-up: Aline Christenson, Peter Schoonen
Publicity: Julie Faud

Properties: Dinah Kennedy
Chorus Movement: Betty Dizick
Book: Sue West
House Management: Hugh Borrows

Producer: Paul Lamb


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