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You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

The Armidale Playhouse – February/March 2003

Directed by Nadia Ozanne
Musical Direction by Anita Holgate-Brown
Produced by Tim Wilkins

Adapted from the comic strip ‘peanuts’ by Charles Schulz. With music and lyrics by Charles Gasner. In association with Tams Whitmark.


This project came as a bit of a surprise. A nice surprise. I was impressed with the public reaction we received for last year's production of Captain Midnite and thought it would be a good idea to produce another show aimed specifically at a younger audience. This show was recommended to me and as I have been a fan of Peanuts comics since I was a kid, I just couldn't say no to directing it. The show is a delightful  representation of adult notions with a childlike perspective. Schulz and Gesner depicted a world where the worst thing that can happen to a person is getting their kite stuck in a tree, where giving away a blanket is Like losing a best Friend and that Beethoven can be mastered on a 30cm long piano. The simplicity and honesty of a five year old child can often be a nice way to discover that we sometimes take the world way too seriously. I've tried to show how pleasant it is to discover your little brother loves you and how great it is to pat a dog and how at five years old the importance of homework and winning a baseball game can be all consuming. That at five years of age, no matter how down you might get there is always hope. The cast have been a pleasure to work with and have shown an incredible amount of enthusiasm. My crew is worth their weight in gold. This has been a collaborative effort by everyone involved. Sit back and enjoy reverting back to your childhood.


Charlie Brown: Fergus Parker
Snoopy: Timothy Wilkins
Lucy: Emily Thomas-Moore
Linus: Byron Spencer
Schroeder: Ben Mettam
Sally: Elizabeth McRae
Woodstock: Anna McRae


Producer: Tim Wilkins
Director: Nadia Ozanne
Musical Director: Anita Holgate-Brown
Pianist: Kate Worthing
Stage Manager: Colin Barry
ASM: Luke Polson
Lights Operation: Simon Polson
Artwork: Waine Grafton
Poster: Martin Mantle
Seamstress: Maria McRae
Electrical Assistance: Gordon Cope
FOH Co-ordinator: Jean Freer


The Armidale Playhouse Committee, Talisian Bleechmore, St Mary’s Primary School, Annette Law, Simon Polson, Neil Horton, The Armidale Musical Society, The New England Hotel, Theatre CATS

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