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The Reluctant Dragon

Directed by Aline Christenson

Armidale Parish Hall - 1967

Arranged from Kenneth Grahame’s Story by Harcourt Williams


Father: Neil McLeod
Mother: Enid Isaacs
Boy: David Passey
Dragon: Chris Bettle
Young St George: Colin Bourne
Four Daises: Mary Quinn, Viva Baldwin, Faye Rymer, Cheryl Tilley
Village Maidens (dancers): Alison Stewart, Aline Graham, Jenny Marsh, Penny Marsh, Margaret Napier, Marilyn MacKenzie, Debbie Christenson, Judy Christenson Travelling Pedlar and Magician: Dr M Marsh
Village Singers: Karen Brerston, Kathy Scott
Gypsy Dancer: Joan Plumley
Balloon Seller: Bill Jensen
Villagers: Armidale Theatre Club members


Directors: Aline Christenson, Joan Plumley
Pianiste: Isobel Dupre

Choreography: Joan Plumley
Lighting: Harry Wadley
Make-up: Patsy Lindsay
Stage Manager: John Burr
Front of House: Milton Milligan, Maurice Kelly
Prompt: Heather Clarke
Publicity: Milton Milligan
Posters: Miriam Rogers
Set Design: Lenore Crocker
Properties: Elizabeth Gallagher, Viva Baldwin
Costumes: Enid Isaacs

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