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The Phantom Rider

Parish Hall, Armidale - 1964

Directed by Judith Morsley

By Elizabeth Davis


A farm on the New England Tableland. The present.


Life was full of surprises for the twelve-year old twins,  Noel and Carol, who arrive to spend the holidays on their grandfather's farm. Firstly the story of a ghost, a knight in silver armour, charging through the moonlight; and then their own secret discovery, kept them tingling with excitement. They had fallen into disgrace with Grampy, too; in fact he was furious with them. Just the same, he had another surprise hidden away, a special one for Christmas

Meanwhile, Grampy decided to catch the Phantom Rider, with the aid of Percival Plumber, and they made a plan. How the ghost was caught is disclosed, along with the solving of all the mysteries of the Phantom Rider, in our play.

CAST (In order of appearance)

Percival Plumber: Dennes Fayle
Charlotte: Judy Mcrae
Grampy Wilson: Neil McLeod
Grandma Wilson: Aline Christenson
Carol: Maria Sourry
Noel: Peter Sheppard
Jimmy: Ray Poulton
Costigan: Lachlan McNaught
Detective : Peter McRae


Act I

Scene 1 - One late afternoon in summer
Scene 2 - Evening of the same day

Act II

Early the following morning


Director: Judith Morsley
Assistant Director: Betty Brown
Stage Manager: John Burr
Scenery: Vic Crittenden
Lighting: Don Veale
Sound Effects: Bruce Leman
Wardrobe: Enid Isaacs
Publicity: Milton Milligan


Mrs J Brennan for kind assistance with her usual high quality posters

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