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The Department

The Armidale Playhouse - April 1985

Directed by Lenore Crocker

By David Williamson


An Engineering Department in Milton Technical Institute, circa 1967.


The Department, first presented in 1974, is set in 1967, the period when Williamson was himself working as a lecturer in Thermodynamics in a Victorian tertiary institution. Since it seems to us that academic politics have changed little since 1967, we have not attempted to make the play a period piece. Certain references, however, make it difficult to update the play, so we have settled for an indeterminate period which might be 1967, but just might be right here and now.


Gordon: Matthew Lynch
Bobby: John Burkey
Sue: Cate Bartlett
Hans: Chris Whittle
Peter: Peter O'Donahue
John: Jack Bedson
Robby: Chris Waller
Al: Graydon Henning
Owen: Bernard Schalk
Myra: Sue Fell


Setting: Michael Vickers, Tim Healy, Chris Waller
Lights: Derek Free, Wal Rummery
Wardrobe: Maryan Vickers
Stage Manager: Sue Maxwell
Assistant Stage Manager: Tim Healy
Publicity: Jan Wyles, Astrid Blake, Dot Burkey, Aline Christenson
Publicity Design: Matthew Fitzgerald
Front Of House: Truus Schuh, Anna Money


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