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How to Succeed in Shakespeare Without Really Trying: A Cunning Blend of Shakespeare and Musical Theatre!

Directed by John Goodfellow
Produced by Gordon Cope

Written by the cast


Rather than perform an "off the shelf" play we decided to write our own version of a condensed Shakespeare and add some music to increase the absurdity. Much of what you will see here tonight is written by the cast. I cannot begin to express my heart felt thanks for the level of dedication (not to mention the talent) that has made this
a great show. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


John Goodfellow, Tracey James, Ryan Jones, Martin Mantle, Erik Rosenzweig, Emma Hadfield


Sound: Gordon Cope
Lighting: Bryce Little
Publicity: Catherine Fenning, Marney Tilley
Front of House: Betty Hall


Armidale Colour Copy Centre, Fabric Fair, Jean and Rob Freer, Tillbrook's Piano Tuning,
Bruce Redman, Barbara Urbonas, Nicky Scott

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