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Stepping out

Directed by Aline Christenson

The Armidale Playhouse - October/November 1993

By Richard Harris


Five years ago when the late Jean Seppelt returned from seeing Stepping Out in Sydney, she convinced us that we should do a production of this play at the playhouse. You see our, ‘mature age’ tap dancing class was almost perfectly cast for at least 5 of the 9 roles!

However, the amateur rights were not available until late 1992. Sadly, Jean died before we could hold auditions, but we were determined to do the play and bring to fruition her original inspiration.

In this production, much like the characters in the script, most of the actors who auditioned had little or no tap dancing experience before taking on their parts.

Jan Patterson, who plays Mavis, the dance teacher in the play is also the dance director/choreographer for this production. It is credit to her and her cast, who have worked very hard, and suffered sore muscles, to achieve the standard of dancing required. Then we asked them to act as if they couldn’t dance!

My personal thanks goes to all those involved in this production, and the Armidale Playhouse Inc for their support. Particularly, Glenn Conroy, President of the Liza Minnelli Australian Fan Club. Liza starred in the film version of stepping out, Glenn has sent a copy of the club’s newsletter to Liza which featured a copy of our poster and a write up about us.

Glenn has supported this production from day one and even got a small part whilst understudying for Geoffrey played by Will Knight and joins the dancers in the finale.

I hope you enjoy this show as much as we have enjoyed putting it on for you.


Mavis: Jan Patterson
Mrs Fraser: Kay Franberry
Maxine: Betty Hall
Geoffrey: Will Knight
Vera: Barbara Urbonas
Rose: Margaret Kennedy
Sylvia: Rachael Matthews
Dorothy: Adele Brownlow
Lynne: Fiona Hale, Pam Bayley
Andy: Victoria Harris

Extra Student: Pat Heavyfeet
Geoffrey’s Understudy: Glenn Conroy
Finale Dancers: Louise Drielsma, Glenn Conroy
Singer: Michael Gibson
Pianist Deluxe: Jill Griffiths


Producer: Pat Lightfoot
Stage Manager: Roslyn Barker
Set Construction: Russell Stockley, Daniel
Costumes: Donna Murphy, Cindy Pederson
Lighting: Rupert Hall
Sound: Tony Wilson
Publicity: Pat Lightfoot
Poster Design: Ian Henderson
Front Of House: Jean Freer
Raffle: Jacki Wayte


Timothy Clark, Launt Thompson, Peter O’Donohue, Lorraine Herbert, Quenorie Napier, Margaret McCumstie, UNE Theatre Studies, The Armidale Musical Society, Hazelton Airways, Glen Conroy President of the Liza Minnelli Australian Fan Club, Suzanne Ecke

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