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Armidale Playhouse, 2002

Directed by Jean Freer

By Neil Simon


This is the third Neil Simon play that I have directed for the Playouse, the others being “California Suite” and “Barefoot in the Park”. I really like Simon’s ability to write very funny dialoge and the crispness of his lines

Once again I have the good fortune to have a very talented cast working for me and rehearsals have been a great deal of fun.

It is always a challenge on the Playhouse stage to fit a big set in quite a small space but once again we have managed to do just that.

All the people behind the scenes do an essential job and my thanks goes to my backstage crew as well as my cast for bringing "Rumors" to fruition.

CAST (In order of appearance)

Ken Gorman: Gordon Cope
Chris Gorman: Anita Holgate Brown
Claire Ganz: Catherine Fenning
Leonard Ganz: Neil Horton
Cookie Cusack: Marney Tilley
Ernie Cusack: Michael Gibson
Cassie Cooper: Nadia Ozanne
Glen Cooper: Neil Druce
Officer Ben Welch: Jim Harrop
Officer Clem Pudney: Sean Russell
Carol Newman: Meryl Streep
Harold Green: Clint Eastwood
Myra Brock: Guess
Charlie Brock: That all depends on the numbers

CREW (In order of disappearance)

Director: Jean Freer
Producers: Jim Harrop, Kristen Adair
Stage Manager: Colin Barry
Set Design: Cast and crew
Set Construction: Colin Barry, Gordon Cope, Corin Barry
Lighting/Sound Operation: Luke Polson
Props: Barbara Urbonas with Briahna Barry, Dotty Pollard
Prompt: Diana Helmrich
Costumes: Aline Christensen
Poster: Waine Grafton and Simon Polson
Front of House: Kristen Adair


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