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Rhymes and Rumours on Stage: An Evening of Staged Poetry

New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale - March 2007

Directed by Benjamin Thorn

In collaboration with Poetzinc


This is the third collaboration with Poetzinc that I have directed in three years. It is always fascinating to work with local writers and discover just what their interest and concerns are, and then work out how these can best be presented on stage. In some cases it is not what the writers expect!

The works involved range from two lines to about ten minutes and it has been interesting to see how they can be combined into a more or less coherent whole and make use of the particular talents of the performers.

This particular project has been tremendous since everyone involved has had a great deal of fun and rehearsals have been fantastically enjoyable. My heartfelt thanks to all the cast for making it so easy!


Act I

'Cock of the North' by Aline Christensen
'People I Know' by Val Chubb
'4am' by Maxine Ross
'Presents' by Val Chubb
'Sherbet Fizz' by Susan McMichael
'Green' by Val Chubb
'In the Beginning was Music' by Merle Goldsmith
'Contact' by Val Chubb
'Aspirational Autumn Walk' by Bernd Kusch
'Differences' by Val Chubb
'Brotherly Love' by Brian Neville
'Demarkation' by Val Chubb
'Family Secrets' by Ann Lax
'Moment' by Val Chubb
'What a Bugger' by Aline Christensen

Act II

'Mime' by Yve Louis
'Dog Thought, by Val Chubb
'It Comes in a Can, by Meredith Adarns
'Confused, by Val Chubb
'Stumbling Block, by Bette Guy
'Between, by Val Chubb
'Feathers and Fur, by Robert Thompson
'David in Motley, by Merle Goldsmith
'Mismanagemen,t by Greg Shortis
'How to Succeed Without Trying Much, by Val Chubb
'Suburban Blues, by Ann Lax
'Bikie Song, by Val Chubb


Bobbi Angelini, Jody Brash, Yvette Cases-Broehmer, Imogen Dean, Roslyn Manion, Minnie Maynard-Chambers, Brian Neville, Zoe Noble Fox, Merydyth Raue, Ben Sutton, Bob Thompson


Music: Benjamin Thorn
Director: Benjamin Thorn
Stage Manager: Diana Helmrich
Lighting operator: Lachlan Ashley


Gordon Cope, Andrea Gledhill and NERAM, Jason Rattenbury and the Cafe, New England Credit Union, Cecile Michels, Poetzinc

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