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Director by John Ryman
Produced by Miriam Rogers

Town Hall, Armidale - 1965

By William Inge


A small town in Kansas, in the yard shared by Mrs Owens and Mrs Potts


Act 1

Early morning, Labour Day

Act 2

Late the same afternoon

Act 3

Scene 1 - Very early the following morning
Scene 2 - A few hours later


Helen Potts: Lois Eaton
Hal Carter: Neil McLeod
Millie Owens: Anna-Marie Wissink
Bomber: John Ryman
Madge Owens: Shirley Murray
Flo Owens: Gwen Kelly
Rosemary Sydney: Aline Christenson
Alan Seymour: Barry Pierce
Irma Kronkite: Marylin Burr
Christine Schoenwalder: Gwen Reardon
Howard Bevans: Ralph Cotsell


Producer: Miriam Rogers
Director: John Ryman
Stage Manager: Peter Annis
Lighting: Herbert Stock

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