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The Armidale Playhouse - January/February 2002

Directed by Kristin Adair
Produced by Gordon Cope

By Randolph Stow. Adapted by Richard Tulloch.


"Midnite" is a play for children and the young at heart based on Randolph Stow's classic Novel of the same name and dramatised by Richard Tulloch (the inventor of Bananas in Pyjamas).

Midnite is a not-so-wild and not-too-bright 17-year-old colonial boy. When his father dies, his animal friends decide to look after him. Khat, the Siamese, suggests he becomes a bushranger. But bushranging isn't easy, especially when Trooper O'Grady keeps putting you in the great grey gaol by the sea.

Midnite's roller coaster career includes falling in love with the beautiful but fickle Miss Wellborn, bailing up the unforgiving Judge Pepper and even making a legitimate fortune. He is loyally supported by the motherly Mrs Chiffle and of course by his friends Gyp the dog, Major the cockatoo, Dora the cow and Red Ned the horse.

Children will love Midnite and adults will find its gentle humour a total delight.


Act One

Scene 1 Captain Midnite’s Gang
Scene 2 Captain Midnite Strikes
Scene 3 Midnite Rides Again
Scene 4 Midnite's Best Human Friend
Scene 5 Midnite’s Hairy Godmother

Act Two

Scene 1 Miss Laura Wellborn's Adventure
Scene 2 The Zamia Creek Hotel
Scene 3 Back in the Great Grey Gaol
Scene 4 Midnite the Explorer
Scene 5 Mr Daybrake, Millionaire
Scene 6 Miss Laura’s Visitors
Scene 7 What Happened Ever After


Midnite: Ryan Jones
Khat: Jane Andersen
Dora/Queen Victoria/Tom Roberts: Barbara Urbonas
Red Ned/Driver/Explorer: Andrew Swann
Major/Attendant: Kay Cope
Gyp: Alexander Cope
Laura: Briahna Barry
Mrs Chiffle: Nadia Ozanne
Trooper O'Grady: Gordon Cope
Judge Pepper: James Mort
Governor: Benjamin Thorn
Actor 1: Kay Cope
Actor 2: Andrew Swann
Actor 3: Benjamin Thorn
Prisoner: Barbara Urbonas, Andrew Swann, Kay Cope, Bernadette Scott, Therese Scott
Spirit: Barbara Urbonas, Kay Cope, Alexander Cope, Bernadette Scott, Therese Scott
Digger: Barbara Urbonas, Andrew Swann, Alexander Cope, Bernadette Scott, Therese Scott


Producer: Gordon Cope
Director: Kristin Adair
Musical Director: Benjamin Thorn
Stage Manager: Colin Barry
Lighting: Simon Polson
Costumes: Donna Wainohu
Props: Alex Miller
Set Design: Benjamin Thorn
Set Construction & Painting: Colin Barry, Gordon Cope, Benjamin Thorn, Ruby Roberts
Poster Design & Khat Costume: John Goodfellow
Front of House: Marney Tilley

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