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Men at Arms

The Armidale Playhouse - 1999

Directed by Nadia Ozanne
Produced by Nicole Mobbs

With book by Terry Pratchett adapted by Stephen Briggs


“If you lose you have to direct the sequel…”

Fancy being silly enough to make a bet that you will direct a show if you lose a game of Trivial Pursuit. Well I did (only by one question I might add!!).

Having had the experience of Directing Guards! Guards! last year and having learned
from it I decided to do some things differently this year. As you can see we have turned the theatre around. I wanted to involve the audience a little more. Having the audience face itself has allowed me to have a bit of fun and use the audience as
actors at points in the play. (he he he chuckle) and to eliminate the tedious blackouts between each scene.

I have achieved a show that flows better and while still requiring a few blackouts moves better in the round. Terry Pratchett offers challenges to a small theatre and we have solved a few in this way. What it did not solve was how to make a gargoyle talk and how to make a “Gonne”.

It was great to be able to assemble such a large cast (large for the playhouse at least) of enthusiastic and willing people. Some are new to the stage some are old hams, all are professional and my thanks goes out to them. We have had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. The support they have given and the amount of extra work they have put in, to get the set ready, to move the seats, to rig lights, to mop floors and generally be available above and beyond call of a mere actor has been inspirational. It has been a fantastic team effort.

I want to thank those members of the cast and crew who came on board late to save the day and my sanity.

So sit back, (not too far as the joke works better if you are a little alert) enjoy the characters and take a leisurely walk around the streets of Ankh Morpork.


Captain Vimes: Brad Crook
Seargent Colon: Conrad White
Corprol Nobbs: Andrew Swann
Corprol Carrot: Timothy Wilkins
Lance Constable Angua: Penny Taber
Lance Constable Detritus: Patrick Sinclair
Lance Constable Cuddy: Emma White
Havelock Vetinari (The Patrician): Peter Nolan
Lady Sybil Ramkin: Marney Tilley
Cyan Flamesheart of Klatch: Apples
DEATH: Death
Footnote: Kent Langley
Downey/Captain Quirke/Selachi: Kris Ford
Edward D'eath/Dr Cruces: Robert Clendinen
Hammerhock/Boffo/Morecombe/Leonard of Quirm: Gabriela Shuster
Beano/Drumknott/Dead Clown/Dr Whiteface/Rust/Wilikins: Katherine Hindle
Voice of the Gonne: Smith & Wesson
Cornice Overlooking Broadway: Appears with the permission of the Gargoyles Rights Commission


Director: Nadia Ozanne
Producer: Nicole Mobbs
Stage Manager: Gabrielle Sinclair
Assistant Stage Manager: Tony Reading
Set/Costume Design: Kent Langley
Lighting Operation: Kevin Tadman
Sound: Smith & Wesson
Set Construction: Gordon Cope, Patrick Sinclair, Kent Langley and the cast too
Special Effects: Gordon Cope, Tim Wilkins.


Gordon Cope for his inexhaustible and invaluable assistance, The Playhouse Committee, Magic Circle Drama Group, New England Antimony Mines - for the hard hats, Astrid Blake, Benjamin Thorn, Jean Freer, UNESA Dentist

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