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Love Letters

Main Pavilion, Armidale Showground - March/April 2006

Directed by Jean Freer
Produced by Benjamin Thorn

By A R Gurney. By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd.


A span of about 45 years.


I knew as soon as I read Love Letters that this was a play I really wanted to direct. With three comedies under my belt in the last few years I was also looking for a script that gave me something different to tackle - and preferably one with less than 7 doors!  Love Letters is intended to be read from a script, as the story is revealed through a series of letters and although this sounds easy it imposed restrictions on how the cast could move and inter- relate.

I chose to work with three casts and have not regretted it for a moment well perhaps when I was doing 6-7 rehearsals a week I began to doubt my sanity.

Each cast has worked by separately but are all keen to see the others perform. It has been fascinating to watch this play evolve as each couple has put their own interpretation on the script. All six cast members have been a delight to work with and have shown great skill and dedication as they have brought Love Letters alive. I know that you will enjoy this play and hope that you may be tempted to come back and see more than one performance.


Cast 1
Andrew Makepeace Ladd: Neil Horton
Melissa Gardner: Anita Brown

Cast 2
Andrew Makepeace Ladd: Jim Harrop
Melissa Gardner:  Barbara Albury

Cast 3
Andrew Makepeace Ladd: Christopher Ross-Smith
Melissa Gardner: Judith Lamb


Director: Jean Freer
Producer: Benjamin Thorn
Lighting: Luke Polson
Poster Design: Martin Mantle
Publicity: Jean Freer, Benjamin Thorn
Music: Benjamin Thorn

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