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Love Child

The Armidale Playhouse - August/September 1998

Directed by Astrid Blake
Produced by Nadia Ozanne

By Joanna Murray-Smith


In 1994, I had the happy chance to be in Sydney at thetime when The Playbox production of "LOVE CHILD"' was playing at the Stables Theatre. I went to see it, and was bowled over by the writing, the ideas and the wonderful performances given by Sue Ingleton and Natasha Herbert. At first, I was attracted to the idea of playing the role of Anna in an Armidale production. However, common sense prevailed, and instead of being a 'second best' option, directing this beautiful play has been an enormously rewarding experience, both in bringing a theatre piece of such inner complexity to the Playhouse, and in working with two such incredibly dedicated and talented actors, Catherine and Diana.

It has been a fascinating journey for all of us, both intellectually and emotionally. We have all had the shared experience of being in mother/daughter relationships with all those attendant tensions and rewards, and we have either lived through or are fascinated by the political issues of Feminism and the almost impossible choices that women are forced to make. The voices of Anna and Billie within the play juxtapose the conflicting attitudes, not only of the 1960's but also of today. They also highlight the dichotomy between rational, pragmatic decision-making and the overwhelming emotional under-current in all our lives that must either be repressed and subverted, or given some part in our life-plan.

We have chosen to interpret the ending of the play as a real and happy future - but over to you, the audience, to mull over what exactly might happen!

I am particularly indebted to Jeannie, Nadia, Gordon and the amazing Lenore for all their hard work and commitment.


: Catherine Dunn
Billie: Diana Snape


: Astrid Blake
Producer: Nadia Ozanne
Set Design: Lenore Crocker
Lighting Design: Nadia Ozanne
Stage Manager: Jeannie McGregor
Costume Concept: Director and Cast
Costume Sewing: Anna Forrest, Diana Snape
Lighting Operator: Tanya Lawlor, Nicole Mobbs
Sound Operator: Julian Tarbox
Set Construction & Painting: Gordon Cope, Ryan Cope, Lenore Crocker, Kent Langley, Jeannie McGregor
Lights Rigging: Allyson Hecker, Nadia Ozanne, Tim Wilkins
Poster Concept: Nadia Ozanne
Poster: Fara Williams
Hair Design: Hair Trekking, Armidale


Fabric Fair, Gardening New England, Adrian Kiernander, Kent Langley, Thom's Retravision, Jim Vicars, The cast of "GUARDS! GUARDS!" who put in time, muscle, sweat and effort to turn the Playhouse seating around for this production.

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