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Little Shop of Horrors

The Armidale Playhouse - March 2001

Directed by Nadia Ozanne
Musical direction by Benjamin Thorn
Produced by Gordon Cope

Lyrics by Howard Ashman. Music by Alan Menkin. In conjunction with Warner/Chappel.


1. Get dead flowers.
2. Get four red phones
3. Get Man-Eating Plant x 3
4. Stock up on “Happy Pills”
5. Schedule sleep and
6. Put in for holidays in April after show closes.
Just jokes! In actuality it was some of the best fun I’ve had directing a show.

Having never directed a musical before I was a little lost as to where to start. So in true stage management style (I am essentially not a director) I designed the set and knew what I needed in terms of technical equipment and lights before I even considered the necessity for a musical director and actors.

It has been a steep learning curve for me. I can't even read music! But with the help of some fantastic people, not least of all one on the other side of Ausralia who designed Twoey, we’ve been able to pull off, what I belive is, a brilliant show.

A very large amount of credit needs to go to the cast themselves, who in their spare time did a huge amount of the work. Thanks to John and Jane who built the plant, she looks mazing. Thanks to Anna for all her behind the scenes work, to Waine who without his creative input we would be lost, and to the rest of the cast and crew who would have put on a great show with or without me.

They are all incredibly talented people and a great amount of what you see on the stage tonight is their own doing.

I need to recognise the efforts of our musical director, who pulled a band out of thin air and made them perform, and of our pianist who never missed a note, she may have hit a wrong button at times but she never missed a note.

It’s been a dedicated team effort, from set construction to learning the songs, from the puppeteering, to publicity. I have loved this musical for a long time and truly hope that it will grow on you tonight.


Seymour Krelborn: John Goodfellow
Audrey: Jane Andersen
Mr Mushnik: Michael Gibson
Orin Scrivello DDS: Brad Crook
Audrey Two/Wino: Waine Grafton
Ronnette: Tracey James
Chiffon: Nikki Scott
Crystal: Emma Hadfield
Deltone: Peter McGarry
Pip/Customer/Mrs Luce: Marney Tilley
Bernstein: Peter McGarry
Skip Snip/Mr Martin/Wino: Brad Crook

“The Little Shop Band”

Conductor: Benjamin Thorn
Key Board: Liz Logan
Bass: Rodney Towner
Drums: Stephen Watt
Flute and other sounds: Benjamin Thorn


Producer: Gordon Cope
Asst Producer: Catherine Fenning
Director: Nadia Ozanne
Musical Director: Benjamin Thorn
Stage Management: Anna Boston, Kristin Adair
Set Design: Nadia Ozanne
Set Construction: Colin Barry, Gordon Cope, Cast & Crew
Poster Design: Waine Grafton
Props: Anna Boston
Audrey #2 Design: Allyson Hecker
Audrey #2 Construction: John Goodfellow, Jane Andersen, Gordon Cope, Allyson Hecker, Anna Boston
Audrey #2 Operation: Seren Trump (1,2,3), Kristy Ford (3)
Costume Construction: Jane Andersen, John Goodfellow
Lighting Design: Nadia Ozanne
Lighting Operation: Tim Wilkins
Sound Operation: Waine Grafton
FOH Coordination: Jean Freer


Irresistible Style, Manns of Armidale, Dr Peter Murphy, The Armidale Musical Society, Kent Langley, Bryce Little, Burkes Florist, Brennan & Smith Optometrist, “Madinventor” for dentistry equipment

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