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I Do! I Do!: A Musical About Marriage

Arts Theatre, UNE – November/December 2004

Directed by Kristin Adair
Musical Direction by Emma Chapman
Produced by Martin Carroll

Book and lyrics by Tom Jones. Music by Harvey Schmidt. Based on The Fourposter by Jan de Hartog. By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd Exclusive agent for Music Theatre International, NY.


I Do! I Do! is a warm-hearted musical comedy about two people and 50 years of their marriage, beginning with the wedding and honeymoon night; through the trials and tribulations of having a family, marital spats, affairs, break-ups and empty nest syndrome; to old age and leaving their house and their beloved old four-poster bed for the next young couple.

The Playhouse performance sets the show from the 1920's to 1970's.


About 20 years ago, a very dear friend asked me if I would be interested in performing in a two person musical with him. He was in love with the music and the story of I Do! I Do! And he thought I would be as enthusiastic about the show as he was. Well, I fell in love with it also after listening to the music, over and over again - until the cassette (as they were in those days) fell apart. We never did get to perform the play together, and it has remained a burning desire in me ever since to see the play come to life on stage.

In its golden jubilee year, the Playhouse has now given me that chance.  This year not only marks 50 years of community involvement for The Playhouse, but it is also the 50th anniversary of this musical, which was first performed in 1954 on Broadway It oriqinally starred Mary Martin and Robert Preston in the roles, with later couples including Carol Burnett and Rock Hudson.

I have been thrilled to have now had two similarly talented people, in Tracey James and Doug Rumble, put up their hands to play these roles. As well, I have had the support and backing of a Group of marvelous, very talented people behind the scenes, doing all the other “unsung hero" work. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart for making my dream come true.


Act One

The Wedding: All the Dearly Beloved; Together Forever;
I do! I do!
I Love My Wife
Something Has Happened
Love Isn't Everything
Nobody's Perfect
It's a Well Known Fact
Flaming Agnes
The Honeymoon is Over

Act Two

Where are the Snows?
My Cup Runneth Over
When the Kids Get Married
The Father of the Bride
What is a Woman?
Someone needs me
Roll Up the Ribbons
This House


Agnes:  Tracey James
Michael: Doug Rumble


Conductor: Emma Chapman
Piano: Catherine Lamont, Richard Peter Maddox
Violin I: Annie Chapman
Violin II: Mark Rummery
Cello: Claire Chapman
Bass Guitar: Sarah Christopher
Flute/Piccolo: Sharon Davidge
Clarinet Richard Tierney/Chris Garden
Oboe: Kate Worthing
Bassoon: Alex Bell
Trumpet: Frank Logan
Trombone: Dave Brown/Katie Bradley
Percussion: Chris Bradley


Production Manager: Martin Carroll
Director: Kristin Adair
Assistant to Director: Diana Helmrich
Musical Director: Emma Chapman
Rehearsal Pianist: Catherine Lamont
Stage Manager: Corin Barry
Lighting: Martin Carroll
Follows: Therese Scott, Hugh Bedford
Sound: Nick Monk, Lissa Monk, Luke Polson
Costumes: Hanneke Raanhuis
Props: Dot Pollard
Backstage: Marie O'Riley, Diana Helmrich
Set Design: Nadia Ozanne
Set Building/Decoration: Gordon Cope, Nadia Ozanne
Front of House: John Brady
Publicity: Jennifer Ross
Poster/Programme Cover: Martin Mantle


Tim Clark (UNE Theatres Manager), The Armidale District Musical Society, Jody Brash

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