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Guards! Guards!

Directed by Nadia Ozanne
Produced by Pat Lightfoot

Armidale Playhouse - July 1998

Book by Terry Pratchett adapted by Stephen Briggs


I was first introduced to Terry Pratchet’s work seven years ago and immediately became a fan. I did think at the time that it would be fun to put one of the stories on stage. When I discovered that someone had done most of the hard work (Thank you Stephen Briggs) I was all out of excuses.

There have been some rather interesting challenges, such as how to fit a 10 ton dragon into The Playhouse and keep our licence, how to make the little dragon do what little dragons do are we qualified to practice alchemy?

I have immensely enjoyed working with this cast and crew, they are a fun bunch of talented, hardworking citizens.


The Family. Dad: Gordon Cope, Carrot: Tim Wilkins

The Elucidated Brethren of the Ebon Night. Supreme Grand Master: ?, Brother Doorkeeper: Margaret Hesp, Brother Fingers: Tony Bamford, Brother Dunnykin: Marney Tilley, Brother Watchtower: Anna Boston, Brother Plaster: Jonathon Maddox, Nowlessman: Mel Morris

The Guards of the Ankh Morpork Night Watch.Captain Samuel Vimes: Gordon Cope, Sergeant Frederick Colon: Tony Marsh, Corporal Nobby Nobbs: Skye Mack, Lance Constable Carrot Ironfounderson: Tim Wilkins

Politicians. Lupine Wonse: Moss Halliday-Hall, The Patrician: Ken Fraser

From the Sunshine Sanctuary for Dragons. Lady Sybil Ramkin: Lisa Cartwright, : Good Boy Bindle Feather-Stone of Quirm

City Worthies. The Archchancellor: Jonathan Maddox, Urdo Van Pew: Mel Morris, Chief Assassin: Tony Bamford, Mrs Palm: Mel Robinson

The Footnote: Kristy Ford, The Librarian: Samantha Keanan, Cmot Dibbler: Tony Bamford, Servant & Bunting Carrier: Mel Morris, Voice & Zeebo Mooty: Mel Robinson,
Dragon Worriers/Palace Guards/Citizens: Mel Morris, Mel Robinson, The Dragon: The Dragon, Death: Ken Fraser


Director: Nadia Ozanne
Producer: Pat Lightfoot
Stage Managers: Allyson Hecker, Paddy Meredith-Keller
Set/Costume/Poster: Kent Langley
Costume Assistant: Samantha Keanan
Lighting Design: Nadia Ozanne
Lighting Operator: Tanya Lawler
Sound: The Dragon
Set Construction: Gordon Cope, Tony Marsh, Nadia Ozanne
Dragon Wrangler: Kent Langley


UNE Department of Theatre Studies, Angus and Robertson, St George Bank, Reader's Companion, Stage One School of Drama, Friday, Betty Hall, Tim Clark, 2ARMFM

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