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Old Teachers’ College Auditorium, Armidale – September 2008

Directed by Gordon Cope
Produced by Diana Helmrich

By Bryony Lavery. By special arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd.


When I first saw Frozen I was transfixed. I knew that I wanted to direct this play for the Armidale Playhouse. Frozen is certainly a confronting play, it is not light entertainment but it is a magnificent piece of theatre that plumbs the depth of depravity and despair but also the triumph of courage that overcomes adversity and the triumph of reason and science that overcome prejudice and ignorance.

In the process of production all those involved have been forced to think about their own attitudes and whether our own stereotypes actually help to perpetuate the kind of inhumanity that is the subject of this play.

I hope that the confrontation that Frozen forces upon us as an audience will change perspectives, challenge stereotypes and finally lift spirits, because in the end this is a play is about the triumph of humanity over the hideousness of things gone wrong which we mistakenly call ‘evil’.

To those who like lavish sets, large casts and fast paced laugh-a-minute farce … well … sorry about that … maybe next time.

There are many people to thank for bringing this production together, the fantastic production team and of course three really great actors who have committed so much time and emotional energy in bringing these characters to life.

I hope Frozen affects you as deeply as it has affected me.


Act One

1. Farewell to New York - Agnetha
2. Family life - Nancy
3. A bad patch - Ralph
4. Nature table - Nancy
5. Moving on - Ralph
6. This flight tonight - Agnetha
7. Flame - Nancy
8. Tattoo you - Ralph
9. Chickens coming home - Nancy
10. Sweating - Ralph
11. Near - Nancy
12. Lovely to be here - Agnetha, Ralph
13. Suffer - Nancy
14. Four farm fuck - Agnetha, Ralph
15. Absolutely nothing - Nancy
16. The brains of it - Agnetha, Ralph
17. A line of washing - Nancy
18. Concluding my address - Agnetha, Ralph
19. The bones of it - Nancy

Act Two

20. A phone call home - Agnetha
21. Two caring women meet - Nancy, Agnetha
22. My childhood - Ralph, Agnetha
23. The sacred art of Feng-Shui - Nancy
24. Concluding my address - Agnetha
25. The visit - Nancy, Ralph
26. Ode to joy - Agnetha
27. Letter-writing - Ralph
28. Something awful - Nancy
29. Quiet and silence - Agnetha, Ralph
30. Farewell to London - Agnetha
31. How he does it, why he does it - Ralph
32. Graveside - Agnetha, Nancy


Agnetha: Barbara Albury
Nancy: Julie Collins
Ralph: Brendan Pascoe
Police & Prison Officers: Jeff Caster, Michelle Hasking
Porters: Colin Barry, Jeff Caster, Michelle Hasking


Director: Gordon Cope
Producer: Diana Helmrich
Stage Manager: Colin Barry
Lighting Design: Jamie Exworth
Lighting Operator: Jen Mitchell
Graphic Presentation: Gordon Cope
Sound Recording/Operators: Gordon Cope, Rayne Single
Properties: Diana Helmrich
Make-up: Aline Christenson
Video: Denis Wright
Publicity/Program: Diana Helmrich
Front of House: Jody Brash with Anne Cunningham, Barbara Colledge, Bernie Cunningham, Bill Crocker, Jenny Greaney, Jim Harrop, Kate Coward, Lenore Crocker, Lynn McMahon, Mike Gibson, Paula Flood, Rebecca Monti, Veronica Ponsaing, Waine Grafton, Warren Bartik


Angry Cheese Productions, Armidale Drama & Musical Society, Bob Estreich Computer Repairs, Cate Mitchell, Col Mack and the Imperial Hotel for displaying our banner, Conrad White, Dot Pollard, Jurek Szafjanski, Kellie Simpson and InTune magazine, Martin Mantle,  Ric Toshack for assistance at venue, TRaMS and the TVET Entertainment students

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