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Endgame / The One Day of the Year

Armidale Playhouse - 1991

Directed by Alan Roughly

Endgame by Samuel Beckett / The One Day of the Year by Alan Seymour



Clove: Catherine Caldwell
Ham: Vanessa Ginn
Nagg: Carey Moncrieff
Neil: Melissa Cornish

The One Day of the Year


Alf: Jonathon Burne
Dot: Catherine Reddin
Wacka: Alex Read
Hughie: Stephen Cockle
Jan: Vanessa Ginn


Director: Alan Roughley
Publicity: Pat Lightfoot
Make Up: Tamara
Costumes: Margot Ford, Jackie Wayte
Stage Crew/Lighting/Sound: Tom Hudson, Chris Ridley, Carey Moncrieff, Serena Dougal, Conrad Chapman, Duncan Chapman
Front of House: Jean Freer


Rosemary Mant, David Milne, Betty Hall, Michael Saunders, Joanna Kelly, Susan King, Helen Butler

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