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Chamber Music & Ritual for Dolls

Directed by Aline Christenson, Kylie Fuad

Armidale Playhouse - November 1997

In conjunction with UNE Theatre Studies.

Chamber Music by Arthur Kopit. Ritual for Dolls by George MacEwanGreen.

Chamber Music


Mrs Mozart: Joanna Hempel
Osa Johnson: Jean Freer
Gertrude Stein: Betty Hall
Pearl White: Barbara Urbonas
Amelia Earhart: Jan Wyles
Queen Isabella: Ngaire Lewis
Joan of Arc: Bette Guy
Susan B Anthony: Judi Crane
Man: Joachim Hempel

Director: Aline Christenson

Ritual for Dolls


Ritual for Dolls is a play set in an attic of an old English house during the Victorian period. It demonstrates the racist sentiments that the English “civilized” world felt toward the African “uncivilized” people.

It does not in any way condone racism but merely portrays the racist attitudes that were prevalent at the time. Ritual for Dolls deals with many intense and disturbing social issues. Racism is only one of them.


Golly: Rogan Hume
Bravo: Nicholas Fuad
Arabella: Rachel Hann
Jo-Jo: Joe Buck


Lighting Design/Operation: Caroline Hill
Sound: Theresa Perez
Set Design/Construction: Bette Guy, Alan Guy, Jan Wyles, Judi Crane, Betty Hall, Andrew Hempel, Caroline Hill, Kylie Fuad
Publicity: Astrid Blake, Bette Guy, Kylie Fuad, Caroline Hill
Poster/Program: Betty Hall
Stage Manager: Caroline Hill
Front of House: Marney Tilley, Leonore McElhone


UNE Theatre Studies for loan of props, UNE Music Department, Professor Graham Maddox, Petah Abbott

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