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Main Pavilion, Armidale Showground - November/December 2005

Directed by Gordon Cope and Barbara Albury
Produced by Marney Tilley
Choreography by Tracey James

Music by John Kander. Lyrics by Fred Ebb. Book by Joe Masteroff. Based on the play by John van Druten and the stories by Christopher Isherwood. In association with Tams Whitmark.


Berlin, 1930.


Act I

Scene 1 - The Kit Kat Club
Scene 2 - Railway carriage
Scene 3 - Fraulein Schneider's house
Scene 4 - The Kit Kat Club
Scene 5 - The Kit Kat Club
Scene 6 - Cliff's room
Scene 7 - The Kit Kat Club
Scene 8 - Fraulein Schneider's house
Scene 9 - The Kit Kat Club
Scene 10 - Cliff's Room then The Kit Kat Club
Scene 11 - Fraulein Schneider's house
Scene 12 - Herr Schultz's fruit shop

Act II

Scene 1 - The Kit Kat Club
Scene 2 - Herr Schultz's fruit shop
Scene 3 - The Kit Kat Club
Scene 4 - Cliff's Room
Scene 5 - The Kit Kat Club
Scene 6 - Cliff's Room
Scene 7 - Railway station


Cabaret... didn't like the film.. but the stage play, now here was something of substance. A play that is so pertinent to our time, when political leaders keep telling us that we must forgo our freedoms, stop clinging to foolish ideas like human rights and work even harder to bring about the golden economic age and master the terrorist foe. The Third Reich was built upon such rhetoric. Cabaret has characters who taunt society with their actions, who challenge sexual mores and again those who are born to the wrong religion or whose age and economic circumstances make them vulnerable and afraid. Many of these people will be swept into the gutter by the torrent that was the Nazi revolution.

Some would be well satisfied that the society had undergone a cleansing, a moral revival but the poverty of spirit that ensues from the loss of our fringe dwellers makes us bland and inhuman. Whatever one may think about the lifestyles of those on the edge, however personally repugnant or politically unacceptable it is, these people make us think. We would not be challenged to think abou environmental issues with the extremist greens, we would not move beyond our heterosexual view of the world, the nuclear family with 2.3 children, with the gays, lesbians, trans-sexuals and cross-dressers who cry to us every day, “I am human too”.

You may not like Sally Bowles, she is scatty and selfish and often frustratingly silly, she has no epiphany, no sudden miraculous change but she captures us precisely because she does not care. We who are tied to our complex society which demands a level of specialisation that deprives us of more fundamental skills, that demands a life commitment to work before the superannuation prize is granted, we who are enmeshed are captivated by such uncaring, such nonchalance. And Cliff, often the voice of reason but struggling with a sexuality that marks him as different and therefore on the fringe, rips into our normal lives and demands our compassion but disturbs our comfort.

Schneider and Schultz are the innocent victims of their time, powerless to fight against the injustice that overwhelms them. Frauline Kost is marginalised by her profession but manipulative and opportunistic – she will survive. The ‘evil’ Nazi, Ernst is the ultimate conundrum, a likeable fellow in a cause heading for hell.

The Emcee, perhaps the most marginalised of all, portrays a figure that sees, hears and understands. He reflects all the feelings and shocks us with his commentary, he is marked for eradication and we are the poorer.

All these characters are human, they touch us, worry us and jostle us into living.

Gordon Cope


Emcee: Martin Mantle, Cliff: Warren Bartik, Ernst: Byron Spencer, Fraulein Schneider: Betty Hall, Fraulein Kost: Tracey James, Sally: Ruth Strutt, Max: Gordon Cope, Herr Schultz: Bob Thompson

Ensemble: Rosie: Claudia Martin. Lulu: Rebekah Engeler, Frenchie: Richelle Wilkins, Texas: Lindy Hardman, Fritzie: Katrina Lennox, Helga: Briahna Barry, Victor: Corin Barry, Bobby: Phil Schubert, Hans: Koro Sciasca, Herman: Mark Lawless, Uma: Liz Ellis, Mitzie: Marney Tilley, Koko: Ellen Fitzgerald


Band leader/keyboard: Terry Million, Clarinet/Saxophone: Janet Million, Kym Hall, Bass Guitar: Patrick Harris, Accordian: Sujata Allan, Trumpet/Trombone: Bruce Meyers, Dave Brown, Percussion: Steve Harris


Directors: Gordon Cope, Barbara Albury
Producer: Marney Tilley
Choreographer: Tracey James
Singing Coaches: Ruth Strutt, Byron Spencer
Stage Managers: Colin Barry, Aline Christenson, Diana Helmrich
Lighting Design: Stephen Sharpe
Lighting Operator: Alex Cope
Sound: Tommy White
Costume Design: Hanneke Raahhuis
Costume Construction: Hanneke Raanhuis, Lyn Raanhuis-Winter, Bron Single, Alisa Perks
Banner: Bron Single
Hair/Make-up: Lindy Hardman
Set Concept: Nadia Ozanne, Jenny Vaughan
Set Design/Construction: Colin Barry, Gordon Cope with Aline Christenson, Jody Brash, Tommy White, Alex Cope, Rayne Single, Ben Creagan, Mark Lawless, Corey Sims, Barbara Albury, Bob Thompson, Steve Sharpe
Set Dressing: Barbara Albury, Jenny Vaughan
Props: Dot Pollard, Diana Helmrich
Poster/Program Design: Martin Mantle
Understudy: Briahna Barry
Front of House: Isabel Strutt, Jane Stening
Publicity: Barbara Albury
Marketing: Cecile Michels, Rod de Vree, Barbara Albury
Video: Denis Wright
Photography: Terry Cooke
Additional Musical Orchestration: Benjamin Thorn
Invitations: Helen Ogden, Barbara Albury
Catering: Mari Grantum, Liz Anderson and Sara Walker of Kit Kat Katering
Bar: The Royal Hotel


Armidale Regional Tourism, Stuart Allardice at the Armidale Dumaresq Council, Matt Cooper at The Cattlemans Motor Inn, Paul Lomas and The Armidale Showground Trust, Steve Jamcek of Hubbard Party Hire, Stuart Devlin and Amy Sly of the Royal Hotel, Armidale High School, Facilities Management of UNE, TAS costume hire, Armidale Musical Society, Sport UNE, Donna Wainohu, Peter O'Donohue of UNE Theatre Studies, Peter Chambers of the Armidale Folk Museum, Denis Wright, Ross Maclennan of TRaMS, Ed Campbel and TUNE FM, Fritz Kreussler of the Belgrave Cinema, Dymocks Bookshop, John Morrow and Neville Graham at 2ARM FM, Pat Cody of the Waterfall Way magazine, Christian Knight and Crystal Robinson of the Armidale Express, Alex Borkowski, Gen Taverner


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