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Blithe Spirit

Armidale Playhouse - 1974

Directed by Jean Burrows
Produced by Aline Christenson

By Noel Coward


The action of the play passes in the living room of Charles Condimine's house in Kent


Act I

Scene 1 - Before Dinner On A Summer Evening
Scene 2 - After Dinner

Act II

Scene 1 - The Next Morning
Scene 2 - Late The Following Afternoon
Scene 3 - Early Evening A Few Days Later


Scene 1 - After Dinner A Few Days Later
Scene 2 - Several Hours Later

CAST (in the order of appearance)

Edith, A Maid: Cathie Williams
Ruth: Mary Quinn
Charles: David Rummery
Doctor Bradman: George Pittendrigh
Mrs Bradman: Elisabeth Macdonald
Madame Arcati: Joan Praed
Elvira: Cheryl Tilly


Director: Jean Burrows
Producer: Aline Christenson
Stage Manager: George Wray
Properties: Kate Barlow, Lindy Reid
House Manager: Max Praed
Lighting: Harry Wadleigh
Wardrobe: Meriel Hudson
Publicity: Wayne Shepherd
Prompts: Margaret Hutchinson, Fay O'brien
Make-Up: Julie Watt, Rhonda Wood
Stage Construction: Hugh Burrows
Back Stage: Sandra Bird, Greg Conkey

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