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Birdsong: A Musical Play

Armidale Playhouse - November 1995

Directed by Bette Guy
Produced by Patricia Lightfoot

Words and music by Bette Guy


Birdsong treads that fine line between musical comedy, adult pantomime and farce, but what does a little genre confusion matter among friends?

Birdsong a play about hopes and dreams, of how good can triumph over evil, possibly.

It asks the questions,
Is the villain of the piece as smart as he thinks he is?
Are the 'innocents’ that naive?
Is a record cover all that it seems?
Does magic really exist?

But don’t expect any answers. Simply sit back and enjoy.


Act I

Scene 1 - Back stage of a small (city) theatre.

Scenes 2 - 9 - The foyer of a 2 star (city) hotel. Several Weeks later.

Act II

Scenes 10 - 14 - Entertainment room of the same hotel.
Later that day.

Scene 15 - Backstage/ Onstage of the theatre. Several weeks later.


Olive Dove: Patricia Lightfoot
Clive Dove: Andrew Trump
Superb Lyrebird: Barbara Urbonas
Honey Eater: Niki Arnold
Hank Eagle: David Young
Toni Finch: Marcie Barros
Rose Ella: Seren Trump
Tony Feitch: Douglas Rumble
June Raven: Ngaire Lewis
Laurie Keet: Ray Sharpe
Receptionist: Marney Tilley
Joey Masters: Rob Tumut
Chorus: Roz Schultz, Dot Pollard, Debbie Towner, Rob Tumit


Director: Bette Guy
Producer: Patricia Lightfoot
Stage Manager: Betty Hall
Light/Sound Design: Rupert Hall
Light/Sound Operation: Lolly Krzyskowiak, Bryce Little
Pianist: Samuel Blanch
Vocals: Cindy Pederson
Vocal Harmonies: Chris Leger
Costumes: Bette Guy, Jackie Wayte
Choreography: Adele Brownlow
Programme Design: Bette Guy, Karen Guy
Programme Layout: Bonita Jameson, Betty Hall
Stage Hand: Rick Lightfoot
Set Construction: Duncan Grivas, Alan Guy, Rupert Hall, Mike Honeywell
Publicity: Bette Guy


Elders, Tim Clark, New England Travel Centre, Dymocks Booksellers, Smiths Weekly, Digital Piano loaned by Samuel Blanch, Microphone supplied by Black Dot Music

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