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A Taste of Honey

The Armidale Playhouse – July 1984

Directed by Barbara Mason

By Shelagh Delaney


Manchester England


Helen lives with her daughter Jo, who is a young girl of mixed emotions and temperament.

Peter is a man of few words and of less patience who tries to make an honest woman of Helen.

She is ten years his senior and of questionable reputation.

Jo meets a coloured male nurse who leaves her with a constant reminder of their brief encounter.

Geoff is an art student who decides to try and help but is only ridiculed because of what he appears to be.


Act I

Scene 1 - November
Scene 2-  December

Act II

Scene 1 - May the following year
Scene 2 - September same year


Helen: Julie Fuad
Jo: Imogen Ross-Smith
Peter: Chris Waller
Jimmie: Steve Addai
Geoff: Wayne Pina-Roozemond


Director: Barbara Mason
Assistant Director: Chris Blazey
Directors Assistant: Wayne Pina-Roozemond
Set Design: Wayne Pina-Roozemond
Stage Manager: Marita Smith
Assistant Stage Manager: Sue Leybourne-Jones
Lighting Design: Wayne Pina-Roozemond
Sound: Wayne Pina-Roozemond, Chris Blazey
Seamstress: Barbara Mason
Production Assistant: Chris Blazey
Lighting Operation: Chris Blazey
Prompt: Colleen White
Production and Publicity Photos: Alan Pring


Joanna Hempel, Joachim Hempel, Added Touch Florist, Frederick Odom

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