The Armidale Playhouse
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3½ Plays by Local Writers

Armidale Playhouse - Sept/Oct 1982


By Ron Vickress
Directed by Barry Richardson and Penny McKinnon

Lil: Trish Watson
Dan: Tom Crocker
Alf: Julian Croft
Jack: Tony McKittrick

The play represents Ron’s response to Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

Experience has dimmed the ideals of the four characters who come together in a railway gate-keepers shelter near Wagga Wagga.

Tick Tock

By Ian Muldoon
Directed by Ian Muldoon
Assistant Director: Lisa Kenyon

Boy: Tony Kemp, Tim Cross

A sketch highlighting the separateness that governs our world and which leads to destruction through madness.

Mr Jones

By Bob Herbert
Directed by Lenore Cocker and Dorothy Burkey

Simon: Andrew McCue
Dickie: Tony McKittrick
Yakob: Ross Delaney
Mr Jones: Mark Wood
Miss Stapleton: Jan Musico
Mr X: Tony Kemp

A farcical version of the Burgess/Maclean defection, set in Beirut.


Joe Nano Art & Crafts Gallery for loan of cane furniture

The Time of Their Lives

By Bernard Schalk
Directed by Lenore Crocker

The Woman: Jean Burrows
The Man: John Burkey

This is a recently completed play which is different from Bernard's earlier absurdist comedies. It explores the structuring of people's time by ritual patterns, like work, and their dislocation as a result of the changes which
are necessitated by retirement.


Producer: Peg Leask
Stage Manager: Tony Marjoram
Set Design: Tony Marjoram
Set Construction: George Wray
Lighting Design: Suszanne Thwaites
Lighting Operator: Michael Vickers
Sound: Bob Lennon
Costumes: Penny McKinnon
Properties: Jan Muscio, Penny McKinnon
Publicity: Pamela McKittrick
Programme: Lenore Crocker, Pamela McKittrick
Front of House: June Calvert

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